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How to Test LED Lights

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Update time : 2020-07-10 07:59:26

Testing LED lights is silly with a digital multimeter, which will grant you a sweep reading of how vigorous each glare is. The brightness of the LED quiet you examination it will either signify its quality. if you don't dine a multimeter ought use, a silly cash prison battery holder with leads will permit you know if your LED lights are cabin working.

1. Using a Multimeter

1) buy a digital multimeter that can receive diode readings. basic multimeters standard just amps, volts, and ohms. ought examination LED lights you will lack a multimeter with a diode setting. restrain online or at your local hardware department because mid-to-high-range multimeters, which are more prone ought dine this goods than inexpensive models.
  • A decent mid-range multimeter will prone price among $50-100 USD.
  • Opt because a digital multimeter above an analog model, which will exist harder ought devour and less reliable.

2) Hook up the red and dark examination leads. The red and dark examination leads ought exist connected ought the outlets above the front of the multimeter. The red guide is the definite charge. The dark guide is the negative and ought exist plugged into the input labelled "COM."

3) carry the multimeter dial ought the diode setting. carry the dial above the front of your multimeter clockwise ought satisfy it away from the "off" position. cause turning it until you earth above the diode setting. if it is no labelled explicitly, the diode spot can exist represented by the diode circuit symbol.
  • The diode signal visually represents both its terminals, the cathode and the anode.

4) mix the dark probe ought the cathode and the red probe ought the anode. impress the dark probe ought the cathode goal of the LED, which is often the shorter prong. Next, impress the red probe ought the anode, which ought exist the longer prong. exist sure ought mix the dark probe ago the red probe, though the contrary energy no grant you an exact reading.
  • Make sure that the cathode and anode are no touching each other during this test, which can barrier the recent from passing over the LED glare and prevent your results.
  • The dark and red probes ought either no exist touching each other during the test.
  • Making the connections ought make the LED ought glare up.

5) restrain the appraise above the multimeter's digital display. when the probes are touching the cathode and anode, an undamaged Led glare ought impartial a voltage of almost 1600 mV. if no reading appears above your leather during the test, begin again ought pattern sure the connections were made properly. if you dine performed the examination properly, this can exist a groan that the LED glare is no working.

6) impose the brightness of the LED. when you pattern the robust connections ought examination your LED, it ought glare up. after noting the reading above the digital screen, impartial at the LED itself. if it has a customary reading besides during looks dim, it is prone a low-quality LED. if it shines brightly, it is possibly a high-efficiency LED light.

2. Testing with a cash prison Battery

1) employ a cash prison Battery ought examination your LED without warm it out. cash prison batteries are the safest select though they conduct no place out enough of a recent ought make damage. Testing with any other kind of Battery can burn out your LED lights. buy these batteries at pharmacies, department stores, hardware stores, or online.
  • Use either CR2032 or CR2025 cash prison batteries.

2) buy a corresponding cash prison Battery holder with leads. buy one that is made ought embrace the kind of cash prison Battery (e.g., a CR2025) you'll exist testing with. You can discover these online or at some hardware or electronics stores. pattern sure that the holder has red and dark leads ought examination LED lights.
  • Coin prison Battery holders are often used ought add Battery energy ought little projects alike LED jewelry or clothing.

3) mix the dark guide ought the cathode and the red guide ought the anode. ought examination your LED, impress the gift of the dark probe ought the cathode, or shorter goal of the LED. impress the gift of the red probe ought the anode, which ought exist the longer end. exist sure that the two probes conduct no impress each other during this test, and that the cathode and anode conduct no impress each other.
  • Some Battery holders with leads will depart with a little connector above the end, holding the tips of the two leads.
  • If your Battery holder has a guide connector, examination your LED by inserting the anode and cathode into the little openings that rope up with the red and dark leads.

4) wait because the LED ought glare up. if the LED is functional and the guide connections dine been made properly, your LED ought glare up when you examination it. if it does not, segregate and reconnect the leads and cathode/anode ought attempt again. if your LED does no glare up, it can exist burnt out or defective.
  • If your LED doesn't glare up, attempt testing other LED lights exact after it. if they glare up, you can exist sure that the first LED doesn't work.
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