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How to Put in a Battery in a CM.008 AEG

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Update time : 2020-07-09 09:49:46

This prose is intended because owners of a CM.008 AEG (Airsoft electric Gun) who either fight ought locality at the stock-Battery at the Battery compartment. if you don't learn what that means, you don't need ought read any farther because this prose isn't intended because you. Otherwise, here is a practical solution without using tape or an exterior Battery holder.


1) empty the Battery compartment.
  • Unscrew the front above both sides of the cannon and receive the entire underside off.
  • Make sure you recolect which SCREW belongs ought which cave above which side!

2) Wiring:
  • Shift the wires ought the aspect of the tube. curve the elastic rings accordingly the slots of these elastic rings are either above the aspect of the tube.
  • Put the melt (the white thing) either above the aspect and tape it at place.
  • Bring the plug CAREFULLY below the underground ought the other side, test ought locality the wires below the underground because much because you can.

3) locality it back together without the Battery.
  • When the bottom is attached again, create sure the aspect screws of the locking machine are open.
  • In order ought exist able ought near the Battery compartment, you will need ought touch one lockscrew above one of the sides.

4) touch the lockscrew.
  • Push it at with your finger, you will look a small protrusion.
  • The protrusion is indeed a equal little spindle that you can further out with the screwdriver at order ought liberate the 'lockscrew' along the hole.
  • The following pictures appear the machine with a free 'lockscrew':

5) locality at the Battery.
  • Connect the Battery without being at place.
  • Put the Battery at with the cable running from the front ought the back above the aspect of the plug (so the cable can no cross the underground or the Battery!
  • Carefully near the cover at the equal time pushing the cables at with your finger.
  • You will notice that the cover will no near entirely, at this point you need ought snatch the aspect of the remaining 'lockscrew', jam it because tightly because possible and review at the 'lockscrew' at the equal time.
  • Give the 'lockscrew' a curve accordingly the protrusion will carry out its occupation and block the 'lockscrew' from jumping out by the spring.
  • Always recolect which road ought become ought unlock again!

6) give yourself, you've earned it!
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