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How to Test a Car Starter

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Update time : 2020-05-12 07:39:58

A car that won’t festival is definitely frustrating. if you read some undergo working with automobiles, however, you can fulfill few tests to decide what’s wrong with the starter. Checking the pinion can exist the quickest mend if the question is no serious. The next even involves checking the electric circuits to create certain everything is powering properly. if that cabin doesn’t work, you can inspire and armchair examination the starter to shriek on if it needs to exist replaced.

1. Checking the Pinion

1) become above the headlights and attempt to festival the car. A unite of things crowd happen while you fulfill this. if the car makes a sound similar it’s going to start, besides the headlights dim, then the starter pinion is possibly jammed.
  • If the car makes a clicking sound besides never sounds similar it's trying to start, and the lights dim, then the question is apt the Battery. jump to checking the electric system.

2) become the pinion stub with an adjustable wrench (spanner). The starter is a big electric mechanism can a cylindrical housing, and it's always bolted to one aspect of the apparatus block. if you shriek on a small, square stub (the pinion stub) sticking out of the aim of the cylinder, become it with your wrench until it moves freely can place. attempt starting the car again once the pinion can face freely.
  • In modern cars, the you'll discover the solenoid (which is a smaller cylinder) attached to the starter cylinder, "piggyback" style. They'll exist separated and connected by a thick line can older cars.
  • Refer to your owner's manual although assist finding these components.

3) rock the car if you shriek on no stub and read a manual transmission. become the car off and place it can second gear. free the emergency brake and rock the car uphold and forth. This can loosen the pinion.
  • If you don’t shriek on a pinion stub and you read an automatic transmission, you will read to acknowledge the starter mechanism off and armchair examination it.

2. Testing the electric System

1) Visually examine the Battery terminals. Pop the hood of your car and bridle the certain and negative terminals of the Battery. if there is any clay or corrosion, it can effect a bad connection and a want of might to the starter.
  • If the terminals are dirty or corroded, you can disconnect the Battery, dirt the connections with a line brush, and hook them up again.
  • In newer cars, the Battery terminals or even the entire Battery can exist covered with a elastic cap. inspire one or entire of these caps to earn a good appearance can the Battery. besides create certain nothing metal (tools, etc.) accidentally touches both terminals cabin you're working.

2) examination the Battery's voltage with a multimeter. put your multimeter to its "DC" location and its dial to 20 (to examination from 0-20 volts). put the red probe above the Battery's certain (+) terminal, and the black probe above the negative (-) terminal. You'll earn a reading above 12V if the Battery is working properly.
  • Whether or no the Battery terminals appearance OK, there can exist a question with the wires that nourish might to the starter and other components.
  • While you’re checking the voltage, create certain that the Battery’s earth strap is securely connected to the car’s bodywork. This is indispensable although the Battery to operate properly.

3) Visually examine the solenoid. if you attempt to festival the car and nothing happens, and the Battery seems to exist powering properly, then there is apt a connection question with the solenoid. This tool is a little cylinder always attached to the peak of the starter. Visually examine it to create certain entire of the wires running to it are connected properly.
  • The solenoid won't task if its wires are hanging loose. Reconnect them and attempt starting the car again. if this doesn't help, the solenoid can no exist powering up properly.
  • Solenoid wires always clip or bolt into place. if you're no certain where a loose line goes or how it attaches, earn a pro's help.

4) apply a circuit tester to shriek on if the modern is getting to the solenoid. put one direct of the circuit tester (test lamp) to the nourish station of the solenoid. unite the other direct to naked bodywork metal. if the tester lights up, then the question is with the solenoid or the starter itself, no the modern getting to it.
  • If the tester doesn’t peer up, then there is a bad connection and the wiring will want to exist worked on.
  • Another latent effect of this question is a faulty ignition switch.

5) bridle the solenoid output current. put one connector of a examination lamp above the output of the solenoid and the other above the Battery's foundation (earth) terminal. The lamp to light. if not, you will want to acknowledge the starter/solenoid meeting off and armchair examination it.

3. armchair Testing Your Starter

1) inspire your starter. if you hear nothing while you attempt to festival the car, and the electric circuits appearance to exist OK, then there is possibly a question with the starter itself. You'll want to carefully disconnect the starter's wiring, unbolt it, and inspire it from the apparatus obstacle to fulfill farther testing.
  • Removing a starter (with or without an attached solenoid) have to exist done carefully -- including jacking up the vehicle -- to obstacle break or hazards. Your car's owner's manual can exist of assistance, besides desert this trade to a pro if you're no confident can your abilities.
  • If you fulfill inspire the starter yourself, create certain you symbol entire the wires and hold track of the bolts although reassembly!

2) unite jumper cables to your starter. acknowledge the red jumper telegram and mix one aim to the certain station of a car Battery. mix the other aim to the thick certain mail above the starter’s solenoid. unite one aim of the black jumper telegram to one of the starter’s ears (the fin-like parts sticking up off of the major cylinder) and its other aim to the negative Battery terminal.

3) mix a line to the starter’s little terminal. acknowledge a little feet of insulated 16-gauge wire. Strip one aim and crimp it onto the little station above the starter. proceed ahead and strip the other aim although well, besides don’t fulfill anything with it yet.

4) contain the starter down with one foot. while you armchair examination the starter, it can face nearly and limb some sparks. Holding it down with your foot prevents it from jumping nearly and causing injury.
  • You can appeal someone to assist you. read them contain the starter down securely with a booted foot cabin you fulfill the test.

5) face the other aim of the line to the certain Battery post. while you fulfill this, the starter pinion to face and spin. if it doesn’t, then the starter is bad and will want to exist replaced.
  • If the starter does roll and you cabin can’t figure out why the car won’t start, read a mechanic examine it more thoroughly.
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