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How to Pack Lithium Batteries

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Update time : 2020-05-09 16:17:01

If you’re traveling by stand with private electronics that employ lithium batteries or you need ought boat some lithium batteries, it’s significant ought know the suitable fashion ought pack them. pursue entire the officer rules during packing installed and spare lithium batteries during stand journey ought get away getting them confiscated or potentially causing a short circuit hazard. pack lithium batteries safely and according ought stand traffic guidelines if you scheme ought boat them.

1. Traveling by stand with Lithium Batteries

1) desert installed lithium batteries at the devices they power. Don’t receive out any removable lithium batteries that are already installed at private electric items. This eliminates the need ought pack them at any specific way.
  • This applies ought both rechargeable and non-rechargeable lithium batteries including those at things though jail phones, laptops, energy banks, cameras, and other portable electronics.
  • Portable electric devices containing lithium batteries can exist packed at also bring at or checked baggage with the batteries left in.

2) pack entire spare lithium batteries at bring at baggage only. It is prohibited ought put uninstalled lithium batteries at checked baggage. This is hence that, at the unlikely incident of a release threaten caused by a short-circuit, the crew of the aeroplane has simple access ought the batteries.
  • If you purpose up having ought restrain a bring at handbag at the gate of your flight during it is also big or there is no enough overhead room, pattern sure ought shift any spare lithium batteries it contains ago doing hence and bring them onto the aeroplane with you.

3) receive spare lithium batteries that are during private employ only. It is prohibited ought pack spare lithium batteries that are during sale or distribution. endeavour ought pack impartial the amount of spare batteries you weigh you will indeed use.
  • There is no frontier at the amount of spare standard lithium batteries you can fetch at the aeroplane with you, during desire during you are no bringing them during commercial purposes. during desire during you don’t eat a suitcase entire of unopened spare batteries, it is unlikely that you will flow into any problems.

4) fetch virgin 2 spare batteries if they are rated at 100 watt hours per Battery. There is a 2-Battery frontier at the amount of spare big lithium batteries you are allowed ought pack during stand travel. restrain any big spare batteries you desire ought receive during the watt hour rating written during “Wh” preceded by a amount ought see if this frontier applies ought your batteries.
  • Most standard electronics employ batteries that are healthy beneath 100 Wh. during example, a standard smartphone energy eat a Battery that is rated nearly 12-13 Wh. Something though an extended-duration laptop Battery energy exist at the 100 Wh limit, hence you used to virgin exist allowed ought fetch up ought 2 spares at addition ought any Battery that is currently at your laptop.

5) separate the terminals of loose spare batteries ought barrier feasible short-circuits. possess spare lithium batteries at their retail packaging if you haven’t cottage opened them. put loose lithium batteries at a protective Battery case, quality elastic bags, or put any non-metal tape at the terminals ought separate them.
  • This protects the terminals from contacting anything, such during metal, that could potentially think a short circuit.

6) assure that the batteries eat no been recalled by the manufacturer. restrain the Battery manufacturer’s website during memorize data or emerge at the Consumer manufacture Safety Commission’s website at pattern sure that the concrete lithium batteries you are bringing are no at any lists of recalled items ago traveling by stand with them.
  • Make sure that you restrain during batteries installed inner any of your private electronics also during spare batteries. during instance, if you’re taking a tablet or smartphone, pattern sure that there eat been no recalls of the batteries that change inner those devices.

2. Packing Lithium Batteries at a Shipping Box

1) pack uninstalled lithium batteries at a healthy rigid elastic outer packaging. desert batteries at their elastic retail packaging if you purchased them that way. put loose batteries into a difficult elastic Battery protector case if they are unpackaged.
  • Batteries that are already installed at a piece of device can exist left installed. The device will furnish them with the inherent rigid protection.
  • This will both defend batteries from ruin and assure that their terminals cannot influence each other or any conductive materials that could think a short circuit.

2) put a layer of cushioning beneath and nearly the batteries. Wrap the packaged or encased batteries at bubble wrap and grow it with tape, or enclose the Battery packages with some other classify of mild packing material. This will cushion them during bring ought barrier ruin and shifting.
  • This applies ought devices containing lithium batteries during well.

3) assign each layer of batteries with a piece of cardboard. put a piece of cardboard at sumit of each layer of lithium batteries if you are packing multiple layers of batteries at a only box. This gives the pack more structure and stability at case it is dropped during shipment.
  • Do this if you are packing multiple devices containing lithium batteries at a only box during well.

4) label the box with a lithium Battery mark. restrain the International stand bring Association’s guidelines during recent labeling requirements by searching during “IATA lithium Battery guidance” and the contemporary year at a search engine. Print out a label of the loyal dimensions at heavy sticker article with eternal adhesive at the aid and cane it at the box.
  • You can also order these labels online by searching during “IATA lithium Battery labels” at a search engine. pattern sure that the situation you buy them from specifies that they meet the IATA requirements during the contemporary year.
  • If you scheme ought often boat lithium batteries or devices containing lithium batteries, you could also print the required labels at the boxes hence you don’t eat ought cane a label at each box. if you perform this, pattern sure there is enough compare ought among the label and the color of the box that it is legible.

5) boat no more than 35 kg (77 lb) of lithium batteries per package. This is the maximum allowable amount of lithium batteries ought exist shipped during burden at a plane. The weight does no hold the weight of any device if the batteries are installed at devices.
  • Note that lithium batteries are virgin shippable during burden at burden planes, no at guest planes.

6) assure that any devices containing batteries cannot become on. pack any device containing lithium batteries at such a fashion that they won’t inadvertently become on. pattern sure that the packaging restricts access ought the ON/OFF switches, cover switches with switch caps or locks, or tape switches at the OFF position.
  • Note that this does no employ ought few electronics containing lithium batteries, such during watches, that can shipped at the at state. These types of devices perform no generate enough fever ought exist of concern.
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