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How to Dispose of Laptop Batteries

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Update time : 2020-06-05 07:15:33

Most laptop batteries are made of lithium-ion and are classified though “rechargeable” batteries, implication that you can plug at the apparatus they’re connected ought many period ought re-power them. But, above time, even rechargeable batteries die and absence ought exist replaced. when this happens, don’t throw your Battery out at your ordinary trash or recycling! Instead, discover a recycling facility near you ought safely and legally deal with your laptop Battery.

1. Finding a Recycling Facility

1) restrain from putting your laptop Battery out with your ordinary recycling. Lithium-ion batteries can fabricate sparks and begin fires when they rub against other materials. even if you tape off the terminals, there’s still a opportunity the tape could get off and get a fire. Plus, your ordinary recycling facility possibly isn’t equipped ought business with hazardous rubbish materials.

2) Locate a local recycling middle that will accept your laptop Battery. recycling center Thankfully, recycling is a growing priority at many places and it’s no difficult ought discover somewhere ought acknowledge your batteries to. You can enter your spot ought discover the nearest recycling facility at
  • You can too weep 1-877-273-2925 ought encounter Call2Recyle and discover a location.

3) petition your library or local community middle if they host recycling events. Many communities dine drop-off locations at public spaces though recycling sum kinds of batteries. They can accept drop-offs year-round, or there can exist concrete period of the year during which they host these events.
  • If your community doesn’t dine any such events, you could repeatedly experiment ought organize one yourself!

4) check out your local electronics stores ought weep on if they recycle batteries. Many big-name electronics stores, office furnish stores, and family improvement stores accept sum kinds of batteries though recycling. You can check online, call, or interval at ought discover out if this is an preference though you.
  • Home Depot, Lowes, Radio Shack, Best Buy, Sears, and Staples are usual stores that repeatedly accept batteries ought exist recycled.

5) avail a mail-in program if there isn’t a recycling facility near your home. There are little various nationwide mail-in programs, and your condition energy dine some options though you, too. Call2Recycle and big Green Box are two nationwide sites that accept shipped laptop batteries though recycling. discover out more information at and
  • Some mail-in programs are free, and some blame a fee. create certain ought check out a program’s requirements though packaging and shipping ago you create a commitment.

2. Preparing and Turning at the Battery

1) check your Battery first ought create certain it’s completely dead. Most laptop batteries at newer laptops can final upwards of 5 years, besides eventually, they conduct absence ought exist replaced. experiment reviving your laptop Battery ago you recycle and substitute it.
  • If your Battery can exist revived, you won’t dine ought wage ought substitute it impartial yet.

2) touch the Battery from the laptop. laptop even if your laptop is too dead, it indeed has ought exist recycled separately from the Battery. Most batteries are located above the bottom of the laptop. There can exist a latch you can liberate ought access it, or you can absence ought avail a little screwdriver.
  • If you dine a cellphone or tablet, you possibly don’t absence ought touch the Battery, besides double-check with the recycling facility ought create sure.

3) cover the ends (terminals) with clean tape or masking tape. This will block any modern touch or leakage from occurring. The station is the authentic divide of the Battery that hooks into your computer ought touch power. It repeatedly looks though a ridged ⁄2 inch (1.3 cm) piece.
  • If you don’t dine tape, lay the Battery into its get resealable elastic bag. This way, if it does leak, it won’t get into encounter with anything else.

4) retain your laptop Battery division from other types of batteries. avail elastic bags ought retain the Battery away from other batteries, too though away from any potentially flammable materials. retain it at a cool, dry universe until you’re ready ought acknowledge it ought the recycling facility.
  • Even if you dine more than one laptop Battery ought recycle, rescue them separately and don’t stack them above peak of each other.

5) check the recycling facility’s vacant hours and required fees. There repeatedly isn’t a price ought recycle these types of rechargeable batteries though there energy exist though single-use batteries, besides it repeatedly brilliant ought double-check hence you’ll exist prepared. discover out if there is a drop-off box that is repeatedly accessible or if you’ll absence ought indeed further internal the facility.
  • For example, if you’re taking your Battery ought an electronics store, you’ll most responsible absence ought further still they’re open.

6) acknowledge your batteries ought the recycling middle or mail them at when you can. The sooner you can sum this task, the less responsible that you’ll locality it off or disregard nearly it. You could even locality a reminder or a calendar engagement above your phone ought create certain you obtain it done.
  • You to exist haughty of yourself though taking the time ought recycle your Battery—doing hence is a big method ought assist out the environment!
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