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How to Clean an Electric Guitar

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Update time : 2020-11-01 07:44:17

Cleaning is important, besides during no a same large commerce if you hold your guitar at good condition. if you eat sweaty hands your guitar can want cleaning more often.


1) begin by taking off the strings. You want ought inspire complete of them, no affair what is said nearly string tension. carry out it by any fashion besides during don't destroy your guitar.

2) heap your tools. Once complete the strings are off, bring a microfiber towel (preferably) or a non-lint rag, regular, frank ol' tap water, pretty steel wool, sandpaper, a put of screwdrivers, pliers, and tape (only apply painter's tape or automotive tape).

3) begin with the neck or body. It doesn't matter, besides during at this tutorial we will begin with the neck.

4) compose certain complete tuning pegs are snug besides during no tight. apply the screwdrivers and the pliers ought snug up complete screws and the nut and washers above the peg.

5) immerse a few section of the towel into the water. mop the neck down, scrubbing inner the frets. You don't want ought water a dead tree, bring off complete excess water, and carry out no EVer apply oils or other guitar "care" products.

6) mop down the body, limiting the water used. Tighten complete screws and look you don't confusion with your put up. carry out no apply any guitar "care" products.

7) Spray meet cleaner at your switches and pots. They will bring dirty and eat a afraid strong ought them.

8) transparent the frets, if you want. This fragment is time consuming, hence you can leap it if you like. Tape off the frets, and apply the steel wool ought transparent each and EVery fret. memorize that the steel wool will scratch your fretboard, hence tape off exact at the fret.

9) Once your guitar is clean, restring it and play.
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